Experimental Research Method: from Beginning to an A+


The experimental research method is not the one commonly used by students. However, it may bring some zest to your research. In this article, you will discover what it is and what are its advantages and disadvantages. You will also learn about the quasi-experimental research method.

How to Write a Strong Essay: Tips on Introduction and Conclusion


A good beginning makes a good ending. That is why the introduction is the key to a strong essay. But along with it, the conclusion should never be underestimated. In this article, you will uncover how to compose strong introductions and conclusions for your essays.

Medical School Personal Statement Guidelines


As you decided to be a doctor, you knew that many challenges were waiting for you in your future career. But you never thought that the main challenge would be to write a personal statement for your admission. This guide will help you craft a strong personal statement to make a strong positive impression on an admissions committee.

Mixed Research Methods: The Main Advantages and Disadvantages


When you know a little on the research subject or need to investigate it from different angles, you may want to use a mixed research method. Read this article to figure out what it is and when you can benefit from it.

Personal Essay Topics for the Perfect Score in School and College


You feel stuck when it comes to writing about yourself and don't have a clue what to share in your personal essay. But do not give up. Everyone can have plenty of ideas with the right approach. Gain a bunch of essay ideas to break your writer's block and come up with an excellent personal essay with this article.

Problem Solution Essay Writing Assistance from Professionals


Life is wild, and you never know what awaits you around the corner. If you're faced with unpredictable situations, reasonable objectives, or just your laziness, the perspective of spending the whole evening or even two writing a problem solution essay may seem impossible. You can always ask professional writers to get the work done! Learn how not to get in the hands of scammers and find the trusted essay writing provider to help you out.

SAT Essay Prompts — Write a Brilliant Paper


Get ready for your SAT exam and be acquainted with what you will encounter on your test day. Upon reading this article, you will find the new SAT essay prompts that will help you get prepared for probably the most important test in your life.

Summary Essay Guide to Get an “A+”


Already feel lost and do not know how to start writing your summary essay? Do not worry. We will help you sort out everything that you couldn't grasp before and give some tips on writing a successful summary essay. After reading this guide, you will realize how easy it is to compose an essay of your own.