Medical School Personal Statement Guidelines

So, your target is that medical establishment. However, as it often happens, just a wish isn’t enough to be admitted and to study there. You need to prepare some documents of more or less significance. It happens very often that students underestimate the importance of some documents, and, as a result, they don’t get the place of their dreams.

One of such papers is a medical school personal statement. Many believe that if they have good grades, some references or some more supporting documents, a personal statement isn’t relevant anymore. How mistaken they are! Sometimes, this document becomes the one that is crucial. Can you imagine, that in some cases, it can become a decisive document?

You decide to get excellent personal statements for medical school. That is correct because this can influence your career and life. That’s why we have developed a detailed guideline, and you should follow the tips if you want to handle it correctly, your med school personal statement.

Purpose of a Medical School Personal Statement: Meet It Easily

So, the primary purpose of a medical school personal statement is to get that place for you, to allow you studying at an educational institution of your dream. Even though many believe, that this is not mandatory and doesn’t have much importance, however, they are mistaken. Hence, you should do your best to make it properly.

So, what is a medical personal statement? That is practically a very significant part of your school application, and in it, you should describe:

  • Those events that have influenced your decision to study at this establishment.
  • Relationship with some people who have exercised some influence on you.
  • Some particular personal experiences that have shaped your idea.

Sometimes, those schools include specific questions that you really shouldn’t ignore. Be especially attentive to them, as they might be the decisive ones.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Medical School

Now, you might be interested in how to write a personal statement for a medical school. It is better to follow some specific guidelines and advice from professional writers. Just follow all steps and instructions. Then, it can provide you with a little bit more confidence.

Writing a personal statement for a medical school might be quite confusing, if not challenging. But that happens with the students for whom medicine is just one of many fields. However, if you have made your choice for medicine consciously, and even have some special impressions or experiences in this field or about this field, then, the task becomes much easier.

  • First of all, take enough time to handle it. Make the first writing efforts, put it aside for a couple of days, read it and see if you are happy with it. If you feel that it is better to rewrite it, just do it. Repeat the same procedure.
  • Don’t tell all your biography, just forget about it! Share those experiences that have made the decisive influence. Nothing more than that. But be detailed about those experiences, you have to show the admission committee what they have been for you.
  • Be unique and catching. Your story should be different than all those stories of other applicants. Show your unique angle and vision and explain why this medical institution will win when they accept you.

The length of a medical school personal statement can differ from one school to another. The length of a normal essay is okay, but usually, it is specified in the requirements of the personal statement. What about checking all the requirements once more?

We would recommend following a usual structure of an essay. You start with an introduction. There, you demonstrate to the reader the importance of the story. Just make them feel that something interesting is coming.

How to Start a Personal Statement for a Medical School

So, in an introduction, you start with a story that made you interested in medicine. That can be a funny story, as well, or something else, but a personal story is always better. Why do you want to study medicine? Was it some personal experience that has influenced you? Or maybe you are dreaming of making the people’s lives better? What about going on a mission to developing countries? There are so many reasons, just think about which one is yours.

Describe the Details

Then, give the details. In your case, that can be a string of events that followed and finalized your decision. Or maybe all those emotions and inner unrest that followed after the event? Here, you should make your reader feel what you felt: the same urge to study medicine.

How to End a Personal Statement for Medical School

Do you still believe that a conclusion is simple once you have handled the previous content? Well, your conclusion could make the reader trust in you even more or lose the trust. You chose what you prefer. Your target is to get that place, isn’t it? So, don’t relax, the conclusion has to be written! Here, you make your final statement and give your final, special message to your reader. Does your reader remember your statement hours after having read it? If he does, you are almost admitted.

You should understand that this paper is not a usual essay, but it is from those medical school essays that might have a significant influence on your study, future career and life. So, you should take it in the most serious way and do all correctly, step-by-step, you can achieve your target, the target of your life.

Medical School Personal Statement Tips for Writing

Do you believe something is still missing? How right you are! There are just a couple of tips that are important. Once you miss one of them, you can fail. The consequences you know already. So, here they are:

  • Be sincere, don’t invent and don’t lie.
  • Be short but detailed enough.
  • Deviations are great, but not in your case: be precise.
  • Write a unique paper, and if you possess some peculiar writing manner, it is just perfect.


That is a special kind of paper, and in some cases, it might cause a lot of issues and troubles. However, there is nothing impossible, and of course, you can handle any task. The guidelines given here are just to facilitate your way and to save your time and efforts. Just follow them, and then, proofread your essay and, finally, submit it.