Personal Essay Topics for the Perfect Score in School and College

One of the most frequent writing tasks throughout the studying process is the personal essays. Such media holding as NY Times has published personal essays to inspire students and to prompt self-analysis and critical thinking.

Personal essay topics are various fields of investigation. If it seems that you have an ordinary life, and nothing really happens, don't give up. It means you haven’t even got to the top of an iceberg. Moreover, if you are this isolated, it is a topic for discussion as well. One of the best ways to start is to think of the latest controversies that got you into an argument, especially with a family member or a friend. Also, if your opinion is opposite to the opinions of the majority – it’s the case of topics to write a personal essay on.

Good Personal Essay Topics to Start With

If none of the latest events haven’t sparkled in your mind, find your personal journals and run through the list below to see if something fits. We have divided the list into sections, but they are easily intertwined if you think about it more.

  • Society and politics
    • Events that had an impact on your personality.
    • What has happened that shifted your outlook?
    • What social interactions made you aware of the diversity issue.
    • Acceptance among peers.
    • Dealing with social isolation, being an outcast.
    • How did you overcome exclusiveness or help someone to feel included?
    • Your opinion towards gender and gender roles.
    • Bullying and harassment.
    • Volunteering and charity.
    • What do you do to make a world a better place?
    • Pressure from the society.
    • Meeting expectations of the society.
    • Your encounters with injustice and hypocrisy.
    • Relations with neighbors, partners, friends.
    • Abusive relations.
    • Government.
    • Human rights.
    • Worldwide non-governmental organizations.
    • Participation in parades, protest, and other social or political movements.
    • Violence and atrocities.

Topics above inquire your personal encounter with the issue. The way you were able to deal with it or not. What results did your failure bring? What would you suggest to deal with an issue successfully?

  • Mental and physical health
    • Teenagers and abusive substances.
    • Battle with depression.
    • Eating disorders and isolation.
    • Developing love for yourself.
    • Living with disability.
    • Dealing with a health condition.
    • Healthy lifestyle.
    • Meditation.
    • Anxiety.
    • Mental disorders.
    • Coping with stress. Your personal stress relievers.
    • Breaking the habit.
    • Staying active.

This section may concern your personal experience but also your experience with a suffering friend or a family member.

If you are applying to college, keep in mind that there is a special section that colleges generally put in application nowadays. It is about the health or life circumstances that prevent you from 100% academic performance.

That includes health and mental issues like depression, social anxiety, dependent family members, etc. Even if this experience turned your life upside down and you came out of the experience as a stronger person, still it is worth additional mention in this section.

  • Family and friends
    • How did you overcome your first breakup? What works best for you?
    • Hardships that strengthened your friendship or made you gain a new one.
    • Losing a friend/family member.
    • Who served as a role model in your family when you were growing up.
    • What kind of relationship means the most to you?
    • How much time do you dedicate to live vs online communication with your friends?
    • What does being a good friend means to you?
  • Education and school
    • What challenges do you face in school?
    • How can an education system become better?
    • Safety on campus.
    • Relationships with peers. Cliques and exclusiveness. Do you mix up?
    • Extracurricular activities, sports events, and prom. Do you participate?
    • Do you have a life outside school? Do you meet friends from outside your school?
    • Teachers and tutors that had an impact on your life.
  • Traveling
    • How does traveling change your perspective?
    • What inspires you most in nature?
    • Would you move to another country for a month? For life?
    • Where do you dream of going?
    • What is the best place near your home?

Personal Essay Topics for Middle School: Starting Kit

It’s hard to prepare a self-analysis in middle school. So, the best approach to take here is to tell about yourself through the prism of your relationships with friends and family.

  • What is your best friend like?
  • What is the best moment of the time you spent together?
  • Who influenced you a lot when you were growing up?
  • What’s the best moment of your childhood?

Here you may also write about your experiences:

  • Why did you become a vegetarian?
  • Struggles with bullying.
  • Supporting a friend in need.

Some make-believe topics are also an excellent idea for a personal essay in the middle school.

  • If you could have a superpower what would it be?
  • What would you do on your last day on earth?
  • Your actions if you were a President.

It’s hard to apply all the skills necessary to complete this task. You may feel free to ask us for help in completing any written task, including writing a personal essay online.

Personal Essay Topics for High School Students: Level up the Writing

Here’s the perfect time to write about your thoughts on future career and your expectations for college. Your sports achievements and volunteer work would serve a great basis for creating proper insight into your personality.

  • How will your achievements in sports help you with your future goals?
  • What is it like to be passionate about something and dedicate most of your time to it?
  • What do you want from a career: money, acknowledgment, proving the point?
  • How can career help you to make the world better?

Personal Essay Topics for College: Advanced Writing

When you are entering a college or mastering your major, you are expected to provide more eloquent insight into your personality and what can be expected of you. Also, it is just the time to grab the opportunity and share your innovative ideas and thoughts about disrupting the system in the attempt to make progress.

  • What is your business idea?
  • What is your view on extending life expectancy? The cure for cancer and AIDS?
  • What is your dream job?
  • Picture yourself in 10 years. What is your life like?

You can change any of these topics and prompts in a way that allows you to unveil your personality better.