SAT Essay Prompts — Write a Brilliant Paper

Are you preparing for SAT essay writing? Then, SAT essay prompts will be of great use to you. You should understand that the SAT essay is optional, but if you demonstrate your strong writing skills, your chances to enter the dream educational establishment will increase significantly. First of all, you should find out what is the SAT essay. That is a kind of work, which purpose is to read the given text of about 750 words, conduct in-depth analysis, and give the feedback.

All SAT essays have the same structure you should stick to. You are supposed to accomplish the standard task, which implies that you need to get acquainted with the text idea and respond to the paragraph you have read analyzing the author's arguments. What kind of skills are checked with the help of this task? Reading, analytical, and writing skills should be on the top level if you want to succeed in composing a great SAT essay. If you have already completed other parts of the SAT test and only an essay is left, check the best essay prompts for you to show how great your ability to express ideas is!

30 New SAT Essay Prompts to Use

Check the most exciting prompts for your SAT essay below. Keep in mind that you will have less than an hour for reading the given text and responding to it. The most common mistake all students make is expressing their personal point of view on the topic. One more thing to take into account is that the College Board is going to evaluate your ability to express your thoughts in the written form.

In the SAT, students will write an academic essay. And this, in turn, will require from them a clear structure, an evolved system of proofs, and developed critical thinking, skillfully presented in the linguistic form. That is considered an unconditional improvement in the exam, as this format will be relevant later on, at the university level.

Your task is to demonstrate your high-quality analytical skills to provide an in-depth analysis of the particular speech or the writer's argument. When analyzing how the author builds his/her arguments, you should give powerful evidence. Have a look at the best new SAT essay prompts for you to get started.

  1. What is more important — persistence or the ability to adapt to circumstances?
  2. Is it useful for a person to be in a team or group? Does belonging to a group prevent a person from guiding his or her own point of view?
  3. Is society not too important to feel comfortable?
  4. Are consumers obligated to buy only from companies/people who bring the benefit?
  5. The analysis of the terms “leader” and “manager.”
  6. Do you agree that it is necessary to change your attitude to the situation if you can't change the situation itself?
  7. Dialectics of conscious and unconscious in philosophy.
  8. What does Montesquieu say about the law regulation?
  9. The role of Puritanism in the formation of social-religious consciousness in England in the seventeenth century.
  10. The role of Russian Orthodox monasteries in the development of national culture.
  11. Education as a social phenomenon. Objectives of upbringing.
  12. Laws and categories of dialectics in pedagogical practice.
  13. How to make a child want and be able to study?
  14. The thinking of mentally disabled schoolchildren.
  15. Communication as a condition of social adaptation and formation of the student's personality.
  16. Features of speech communication of children.
  17. Pedagogy as a science, its object, and tasks.
  18. Principle of partnership.
  19. What are the role and consequences of social and psychological problems in the development of personality?
  20. How to cultivate character.
  21. Is the correction of fears in children possible?
  22. The localization of the higher mental functions.
  23. The difficulties that are involved in the intercultural marriages.
  24. Mechanisms and forms of psychological protection.
  25. The motivation of congenital and acquired aggression.
  26. Non-verbal communication.
  27. Neurotic personality in the works of Karen Horney.
  28. Communication in the framework of existential psychology.
  29. The main provisions of psychoanalysis by Z. Freud.
  30. The structure and content of human nature.

You just need to analyze the given topic. When you write an essay for SAT, you can structure it in accordance with the following structure: an introduction: here, you explain your position on the question. Then, give three arguments in favor of your position. Write the conclusion. The plan of your essay should look like this — just put your own arguments and arrange them so that they confirm your thought. This formula will be useful to you for any SAT test essay.

You will only need to make sure that the paragraphs in your text are interconnected, the vocabulary is advanced enough, the sentences are complicated in structure. If you do your best following the tips above, you will definitely get a high score.