Summary Essay Writing Guide to Get an “A+”

Even if you have some experience in writing various types of essays, you may get questions on summary essay writing. We are here to help you! If you feel stuck with making this paper, our detailed guide will help you to create a great work without wasting your time. We know the main secrets of writing a summary essay, and we are ready to share them with our readers.

We suggest planning your time beforehand to make sure you have got enough time for writing. Follow our simple but effective tips on writing, and create a brilliant and exciting paper to impress your future audience. Summary essays are not very complicated even for beginners, so we hope you will do your job well with our little help.

What Is a Summary Essay and How to Make It Properly?

First of all, let's answer the question: what is a summary essay? In fact, the primary goal of this document is to review an original document. It is possible to create this kind of paper about any book, article, or a story. It is quite important to write this work in your own words, but without including any commentary or opinion by yourself. Remember that your primary goal here is to interpret everything you've read or heard without adding your own comments.

Needless to say, writing any kind of document requires good abilities, time, patience, and also wise planning. Creating a successful and exciting summary essay is simple when you know the algorithm of writing. Follow our simple steps in writing this work, and get to know how to title a summary essay, and how to create each paragraph of this document properly.

How to Start a Summary Essay

Before you write anything, you should read the original article or book thoroughly. During reading, try to pay attention to the author's mood and tone. Note what important ideas the writer brings in the particular work. Then separate the article into some parts to create an outline. Re-read every part of the plan, highlight the significant moments, and emphasize the idea of each of these parts.

Create a short introduction to the summary paper. You need to mention the writer's name and the article or book title here. Highlight the most significant ideas of the text to readers and provide them with some background facts about the writer. Then write the paragraphs for the main part where you have to put the ideas you had selected before when you were reading the original. Feel free to include some samples from the book to expand the ideas.

How to End a Summary Essay

In fact, when you have gathered all crucial ideas from the book or article, the summary essay assignment is finished. This paper doesn't need a conclusion part. Only if your instructor requires to create a conclusion for this paper, you can make a short paragraph that may contain some personal comments of your own on the original book or text.

If you haven't got any special recommendations about the last paragraph, it is better to ask your instructor if the certain paper needs a conclusion.

Summary Essay Format: Effective Hints

Any academic paper should be written following a certain format, and the summary essay is no exception. Your instructor may ask you to write this paper in MLA or APA format. Usually, teachers provide students with the main requirements of formatting their papers. If you want to know how to write a summary essay in MLA format, it is simple to find and download the main instructions online. The same is about the APA style.

If you have got questions about formatting your paper, it is better to ask your teacher to clarify all the things you want to know because different instructors may have different requirements.

Summary Essay Outline Examples to Make a Successful Paper

The outline is a clear plan for your future summary work that must imitate the structure of the original text you have to summarize. Remember you should put the main ideas in the same order they go in the original book or article. Making a good outline is a crucial step in your writing because, with a detailed plan of your future paper, you won't forget or miss anything.

You can find various samples of written outlines online to see how other writers structure their papers to make a good summary essay. Here we want to share our sample of American history "The Road to Revolution" summary essay outline that may help you to create your own paper successfully.

  • Introduction
    1. Britain has won in the 7-year war and become an enlarged empire.
    2. The victory costs a lot, and the British empire tried to force the American colonists to cover the part of the costs of Britain.
    3. American colonists were against such rules, and this fact has accelerated the American Revolution.
    4. Everything has begun like a quarrel about some economic rules, and it showed conflicting distinctions between Americans and Britons.
    5. The conflict between two nations was a start for a new nation.
  • Revolution's roots
    1. The New World made ideas on new government, society, nation, and citizen.
    2. Colonists of the 18 century had two purposes: republicanism that was against monarchy and aristocracy, and radical Whigs who were against corruption.
    3. The colonial life has done a lot to Americans to support alert relationship.
    4. Distance has weakened the power of the British empire, and it was stun when Britain decided to reinforce the grip on the colonists after 1763.
  • Mercantilists and colonists
    1. From 13 existed colonies, only Georgia was officially planted by the British Empire.
    2. Mercantilists tried to keep the control, and their wealth was a great power for them.
    3. The British empire considered American colonists as tenants

We hope that our guide was useful and it helped you to make a great summary essay without wasting your precious time!