Cookie Policy

General concept of cookies

Essentially, cookies are pieces of information about our Web activity, which can be located on the user's pc. Any time a person enters the web, their browsing software gathers and stores information about that visit.

We require internet cookies to make our site significantly better in accordance with your needs, hence improving the consumer experience. Working with cookies, for instance, we are able to modify the site and make it more convenient or keep you logged in for a certain period.

It’s totally your choice how to handle cookies. It is possible to disable them in case you don’t think that we need to process them by any means. However, in case you switch off cookies, our web-site might not exactly function properly on your computer.

Types of cookies

We've got the session and permanent kinds of cookies being used. Session cookies exist only when your browser is in use. One of the things we utilize them for would be to monitor your earlier web site activity, e.g. if it’s the very first time you order something on the site. Persistent cookies are kept even if you closed the internet browser; they're also called permanent cookies.

Things that cookies let us do

Cookies are utilized in the essential element of our website - our order form. You will not have the ability to place an order keeping them disabled. Cookies also provide next features:

  • tracking the order process
  • maintaining you logged in
  • getting the statistics on the rate of using our program for plagiarism checking
  • helping every customer via our live chat
  • tracking client’s activity using Google Analytics

How do you work with cookies?

We can not guarantee that our site will continue to work correctly if you de-activate the cookies. But if you really wish to disable or delete them you can do it in your web browser options. Complete instruction can be found in the help section of your web browser.

Are Any Third Parties Involved in Our Work?

No, these files are used only for receiving payments for our services from the customer. We don’t share your personal information with any other companies that don’t participate in the process of making the order, completing the tasks and delivering the paper.