This policy clarifies how we protect private info provided during the cooperation with our clients.

Personal data

If you want to place an order on our website it'll require you to specify your contact details and billing information. You can rest assured that all your personal data will be kept absolutely confidential. It is used only in cases of order-related matters. We can use your email only in cases where it's necessary to inform you of the order status changes or any related matters. Our company never distributes this information and never gives any type of access to it. If we need to sort out some order details urgently, we might use your telephone number. However, it applies only to serious situations such as a lack of instructions or issues with file opening.

Web-site visitor info

The info about person's browser and operating system is shared once they visit our web-site. Our company collects and studies that information to achieve a better level of quality in terms of the site's content and structure. We keep all that information discreet and never disclose it to the third-party organizations for any purposes.

Browser Cookies

Marketing analysis through Google Analytics is one of the main purposes we collect and make use of your web cookies. Cookies do not contain any personal data. Those files hold only some non-identifying details on the user's browsing activity. The entire cookie dataset is analyzed by Google and provided to us in an aggregate form of web-site activity reports.

Links to Other Websites

You'll find links to the sites of other companies on our website, but we do not take any responsibility for any information provided there. We update the privacy policy regularly to make sure it meets the needs of the user. All our clients are more than welcome to read the latest changes to stay on top of things.